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The Veracity Revival movement and team seeks to ignite the fire that will cause the Church in America to rise. The Church has largely been apathetic and full of compromise. We are guilty of silence as millions of human beings made in the image of God have been sacrificed to the idol of self. We have hidden behind self-righteous piety. We have been the scribe and the pharisee that passed by those in need. We have been hypocrites and our “Christianity” has largely been an affront to God. Join us in repentance. We are sick and tired of living normal lives. We will pray and act, fast and feast, plead and petition until child sacrifice has been brought to an end in America. But don’t think abortion is the only evil we intend to combat. We will rally the Church against all forms of injustice and oppression, spread the Gospel to the darkest places in America, and if the Lord is for us, turn America up-side-down. We will engage in being salt and light in our world, and call others to join us. We believe that revival starts when God Almighty sees a people who have humbled themselves, begged for repentance for their sins, and sincerely desire to live a life devoted to Him. That’s what Veracity Revival is all about…


This is our main project and outreach material to the Church. Please take time to read it and feel free to contact us with any questions, objection, or concerns you might have.


the Veracity Revival

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