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5 of 5 stars! HIGHLY recommended!

On February 28th, 2018, I journeyed to a near-by Cinemark movie theatre to watch Kirk Cameron's newest documentary. I have seen Kirk Cameron in Fireproof, but have never watched any of the movies he made. So I wasn't sure what to expect.


I was not disappointed!

Connect is a passionate call for the family to unite, for relationships to be strengthened. Cameron calls us to not be afraid of the future, not to be afraid of technology, but to use wisdom and discernment. After all is said and done Connect is a passionate call for parents to fight for the hearts of their children.


This is a movie that every parent and teen

need to watch together. It will provide hours of discussion.


Some subjects, such as pornography, addiction, internet predators, and references to working the sex industry make the film slightly too mature for young children.


One woman interviewed has a low-cut shirt. It is not outrageously immodest or anything of that sort, but enough to make me mention it.


One scene may be too much for young children, but for a reason that I can not specify, or else I would spoil it for you.


A bonus is that it was released through Fathom Events, so the only trailers were related to the movie itself!


I left the theatre inspired, encouraged, and convicted!


The movie has lots of great practical advice to help parents and their children navigate the media minefield. There are discussions on how social media affects our brains and our worldview, on addiction, and safety.


But even more exciting to me was the spiritual aspect of the film. Kirk Cameron's passion for God and the family just radiated out!


Connect is well worth your time and money... You will not regret watching it! If you want to see a passionate and optimistic view of the future and raising our families, Connect is for you!

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