November 9th, 2018 - Columbus Ohio

Clergy in Columbus Ohio planned to "bless" the local Planned Parenthood abortion facility. Greater Columbus Right to Life and half a dozen other groups, resulting in a couple hundred pro-lifers, including us, showed up to stand up to the heretics. Well, the pro-abortion clergy decided that they didn't want to deal with the forces of good, and moved their "blessing" to another abortuary in Columbus. I'm sure it wasn't better though, as although a couple hundred of us were at one clinic, another group of pro-lifers (possibly in the hundreds) went to the new location to counter them. At the Planned Parenthood we were at, the darkness fled as people united to stand against it in a prayer vigil. Several people spoke, and a group from UnitedFireAmerica showed up and sang a worship song for us. We also sang "Amazing Grace"... at an abortion facility! The darkness truly ran to hide that night. 

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